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At DevGem we create your robust and battle-tested software solutions so you can sleep on both ears.

Our services

What we do.

Custom Software

We listen to your needs and incrementally build your software application.
You get involved on a regular basis so we can ensure our development is on the right track.
We put all the quality measures into place and can deploy, host and maintain the application for you.

Software Architecture

Just like building a house, building a software application requires a blueprint.
We work together with your team(s) to create the blueprint for your software application with the building blocks that best fit your needs.
And we help your team(s) setting up the development pipeline that guarantees quality on every change of your application.

Software Coaching

Software development is a complex activity.
We help your development team(s) by simplifying planning and selecting the technologies that fit you best.
We can also train your team(a) in those technologies.


Our name.

DevGem is located in Antwerp, the capitol of diamonds.
The name DevGem is a concatenation of development and gemstone.
Because we develop jewels of software.


Some of our clients.

About us

Who we are.

Jan Wielemans
Jan Wielemans

My story

I started my career at the end of the last millenium as an engineer in industrial automation where my main focus was logistic robotics.
There I discovered software development is my passion and I have been developing software for the last 2.5 decades.
In 2010 I started DevGem as a solo-entrepeneur where I create software applications for a multitude of different companies in various industries. I have a wide interest and gained experience from frontend to backend, desktop to mobile, on-premise to cloud.
Over the years my role evolved from programmer to software architect. As an architect I help companies creating the blueprint for their software development efforts and coach their teams.
From time to time I do presentations and guest lectures about software development and a plethora of related topics.

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DevGem BV
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